Elsie Louis

Feeding the Manny: Lia

This book contains sexually explicit content and depictions of adult nursing and sexual lactation. 

‘He’s changed my life.’ I’m having coffee with a friend and she can’t stop raving about her new nanny.


‘Yeah, I guess he’s technically a manny, but he’s great.’ Lia takes a sip of coffee and gets this look on her face like she’s seen God or something. I’ve never known her to compliment anyone, so he must be doing something right.

‘Ok, give me his number. Jax is already in preschool, but I could definitely use a break from Eloise. With Henry gone most of this year, I’m completely alone and knee deep in poopy diapers and breastmilk.’

‘You will thank me, Cait.’ She sends me his contact details and leaves a twenty on the table. ‘I have to go, but promise me you’ll give him a call.’

‘Alright, alright.’ She leans down and embraces me before leaving a cloud of designer perfume in her wake. Even though I technically have a better situation at home, I’m desperately jealous of Lia. She’s gorgeous, single, has a great career and is raising a child by herself.

I look at the name and number. Well, it sounds like she’s getting a little help.

Hi Alex, this is Lia’s friend Cait. I could use your help a few days a week. Let me know your availability and if you can stop by for a quick interview sometime this week.

I put down the phone and finish my tea. My husband is a merchant marine and has been away for almost six months. He missed the birth of our daughter and has only seen her on video call. We thought he would be returning in the next few weeks, but he’s been extended and now it’s looking like he’ll be gone for a year.

He is paid extremely well, but we’re not sure if it’s worth the strain it’s putting on our relationship. We agreed that while he was away, we could relax our monogamy a bit, but I haven’t strayed and haven’t had the courage to ask if he has.

I think it’s better if I don’t know.

I hear a buzz and look at my phone.

Are you free this afternoon?

A pleasant jolt works its way through my body as I send over my address.



‘Come on in and have a seat.’ As I look at Alex, I see why Lia recommended him so highly. He’s in his early twenties and has the most incredible dark eyes that hold my attention long after they should. ‘Would you like something to drink?’

‘A glass of water would be great, thanks.’ He’s handsome, but I can’t imagine that he knows that much about kids. I fill up a glass and hand it to him, then take a seat across the table. He’s tall, but not excessively so and I can tell that while he’s fit, he doesn’t look like he spends a ton of time in the gym. Big dick energy oozes off of him and I shake my head and attempt to pull my mind out of the gutter.

‘It’s nice to finally meet you, Alex. Lia just can’t stop gushing.’ He grins and sips the water. I can see something in his eyes and wonder if he’s only pulling manny duty or if Lia’s keeping him around for something else. If it’s the latter, this is going to be a quick interview.

‘So, tell me about the kids.’

I decide to humor him, no need to let him down yet.

‘Eloise is six months and my son Jax is four. He’s in preschool, so I don’t have to worry about him so much.’

‘Lia said that your husband is away for work?’ I feel a sudden sadness and nod quickly, hoping to change the subject before I start crying. ‘It must be rough managing everything alone.’

‘Well, you do what you can, right?’ He gives me a warm smile and I feel a bit better. ‘So, do you want to meet Eloise?’

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